🌿🌿🌿 20 hours dive in sequencing in Vinyasa Flow with Thuong Nguyen
🌿A special workshop about principle of sequencing and theming in a Vinyasa class for all levels students, introducing about: Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation,…
🌿 Explore the roots and essence of Yoga Vinyasa Flow with basic, intermediate and advance postures
🌿 Principles of sequencing and theming a Vinyasa class – for all level students
🌿 Alignment and Adjustments for the most common asanas
🌿 Self awareness. Meaning of practice and Essence of Lifestyle
🌿 🌿 Art of Teaching Vinyasa
🌿 Pranayama & Chanting
🌿 Meditation
0904 346 088
🌿🌿 Time: 13, 14 Aug to 20, 21 Aug ( 4 days)
🌿🌿Early bird: 4,500,000 vnd/ person paid before 1 Aug. Afterthat 5,500,000 vnd/ person
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