EXPERIENCE 5H LEARNING & PRACTICE on the group of Swirls (TwistPoses) based on the IYENGAR FOUNDATION – using TOOLS during training combined with SOLUTION and ROUTING knowledge in the Training course Miniature Yoga Teacher to better understand the Necessity of BUILDING THE FOUNDATION for your YOGA discovery path.
Twisting is one of the very popular poses in yoga practice. Twisting brings a lot of benefits to the body including enhancing the activity of the circulatory system, massaging internal organs, relaxing or strengthening deep muscles, returning the natural curve of the spine, .. However, most practitioners do not know how to twist properly and twist deeply, so they have not yet achieved the full benefit of this group of poses.
🌿 A 5 hour sharing session with Ms. Thuy Nguyen – an experienced and technical teacher at Zenith will reveal to you some essential techniques to get good results from the twisting group.
🌿 Who should join this experience?
This practical experience is suitable for those who are intending to learn and participate in the Yoga teacher training course to be a teacher or to enhance their knowledge to practice Yoga themselves. With the view that basic knowledge is the most important, only from a solid foundation can you go far on this path, so Zenith’s teacher training courses always provide detailed, practical knowledge. , effective, easy to learn, easy to understand for students.
🌿 Time:
Saturday, July 23, 2022 from 12:00 to 17:00
Location: Zenith Au Co, 2nd floor, 99B, lane 275 Au Co.
Participation fee: 1,000,000 VND, refundable when you register for the 200H Teacher Training course starting in September 2022
Find out more information and register at 090 346 8088

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