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The Online Courses

Being a pioneer in bringing the Yoga practice of Iyengar (2007) to Vietnam, we are proud to bring you the BASIC YOGA ONLINE course to help you maintain and develop your Yoga self-practice at home.

One of Iyengar’s greatest gifts was his detailed use of props and variations of asanas to support practitioners as they learn, step by step, to achieve the pose. Understanding each movement by micro-movement enables the practitioner to meet the challenges of each pose. Once the poses are understood and mastered in this way, they can be practiced without the use of props, to work through the challenges inherent in each pose..


The course consists of 7 episodes (around 2 hours each) which cover the main Yoga poses, including standing postures, forward bends, back bends, inversions, twists, restorative and fundamental sequences. Each episode will include an explanation and overview of the Yoga pose type, common mistakes and misalignments you might meet on the mat.



Special offer

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ONLINE Therapy course covering treatment methods for 9 common issues in our body:Headaches, Neck, Shoulders, Scoliosis, Wrists, Lower Back, Quadratus Lumborum,
Knee, Anxiety & Stress. The SPECIAL course is suitable for teachers who are interested in applying Yoga Therapy for their students/fellow practitioners as well as who are considering to register for the 300H ADVANCED YOGA & THERAPY COURSE at Zenith Hanoi.


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