“Change happens through movement and movement heals” Joseph Pilates

I started Yoga after my third baby was born. Back then, my lower back was hurting and my body was so weak. I took yoga classes as a physical exercise with the hope to strengthen my back. It worked! The post pregnancy back pain was also getting less and less.

Further than that, I felt much more grounded and clear in my mind. It became an important routine for me to get to the studio and be on the mat where I got time for myself and to be myself. I was fortunate enough to have found Zenith Hanoi as I really wanted to get to know more at a deeper level about yoga.

I am grateful to my teachers Hart Lazer, Marzena, Willie and Ory, who not only broadened my knowledge but also inspired me with their passion for Yoga and Pilates later on.

Zenith is not only a studio but also a great community to be a part of. By teaching at Zenith I can share what I have learned and to learn more from people having the same will.

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