“Keep going”

Practicing yoga regularly for at least 5 years before taking a big step to become a yoga instructor has helped Thuong so much in her teaching.

For her, the most important part of being an instructor, is being a student first. Getting regular practice means being on the mat and doing the real thing, sharing a yoga journey with students to understand them and to acknowledge their hard work, encourage them and guide them through their practice.

Thuong always tries to improve her own practice as well as be better as a person. Her first training to become a Vinyasa yoga instructor was through Bliss Yoga Philippines in 2012 and soon after she started her teaching journey at Bliss Yoga Manila.

Due to family circumstances, she came back to Hanoi in 2013 and almost immediately was welcomed into the Zenith family and has been teaching at both studios ever since. To hone her teaching skills, Thuong went to India for 7 weeks in 2014 to join a Vinyasa course with Dominique Renucce. She is now a certified 500 hours Vinyasa instructor. Her classes are not always easy but they can be fun.

In Thuong’s words, “It’s more than just a job for me to come to class. It is a place where I can just be myself, give what I know best and help students to do their best and be just who they exactly are. The Zenith community is not only a place to practice yoga but also a place to make friends and to take a breather. It’s like my second home here. Come and join us at Zenith.”

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