Thuy Nguyen has almost a decade of practice and teaching experience. Fluent in English and Vietnamese, she teaches Hatha Yoga, with a special focus on guiding students towards healthy body alignment through precise movements.

Her training includes 200 hours basic yoga teacher training; 150 hours advanced yoga teacher training; and 150 hours therapeutic yoga teacher training, covering physical and mental health, including trauma, anxiety and depression; certified by Hart Lazer of United Yoga Montreal, Canada. She has led groups of prenatal, children, senior citizens, visually impaired and those needing physical therapy.

Thuy, a mother of one, turned to yoga after suffering from a stiff body and mild depression. She found mental and physical balance, self awareness, peace and an appreciation of her own body.  These are all qualities she hopes to pass on to her students, helping them achieve movements that are lighter and easier, and a mind that is clearer. Her manner is professional, with highly developed observational skills and an understanding of each student’s development stage. Classes are positive, cheerful and non-judgemental.

“Yoga is not a workout, yoga is a work in”, according to Rolf Gates. This is one of Thuy’s favourite quotes. Yoga starts with the physical, but should also open up internal wellbeing and self-awareness. 

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