When I moved to India with my family, everyone split away, kids went to school and my husband to work. Luckily, I met a few ladies who were practicing yoga – they asked me to come and practice with them. At the time, I thought yoga was something trendy, for the chic, but they said “come, we are drinking coffee after practice!” so along I went.

In that first class I discovered that yoga was not something vague, nor trendy, but something that can really change the body and mind in the most positive way.

I was very lucky to have a great first teacher, Chethan Sateesh, who created my foundation whilst I established my love for yoga.

A few years later in Hanoi, fate revealed itself when I discovered Zenith Yoga. There were so many great teachers including Marzena Kierepka, at Zenith Yoga. When I realized my intention to teach, I enrolled in my first teacher course under Hart Lazer who is still my teacher. My devotion to his teachings persuaded me to participate in an advanced teacher course in Manila, allowing me to develop my passion under many great teachers.

I have completed my 3 years Iyengar teacher training in Taipei under Peter Scott, currently awaiting to attempt my final assessment.

I strongly believe in teaching a solid foundation in the yoga practice – developing a level of self awareness both physically and mentally. I want to send the message that yoga is for young and old – to bring all people standing proudly in Tadasana.

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