I arrived in Hanoi in September 1998 as a single woman and I now have three wonderful children. It is for them I became an Elementary World Language teacher: to be able to understand and encourage them in their bilingualism. And it is also because of them I first got interested in yoga, with a 2 day workshop on yoga for children, just wanting to help them in a better way in their struggle.

I started my journey with Energy Healing in 2017 with Reiki 1 certification, while I was training to be a Yoga Teacher. Since then I never stopped learning.  And today, I have Reiki 3 certification and I love to work with Chakras and Crystal healing. I have always been interested in strategies for resilience, yoga in its whole practice of philosophy, pranamaya, asanas and mantras; Reiki; Writing for Healing; and Drawing  and Music therapies.

I have developed a practice using Yoga and Energy healing together. Based on my belief that a flexible balanced nervous system is the key to vibrant health.

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