Zenith provides MAT PILATES classes and individual and duet REFORMER PILATES classes, as well as international Pilates Teacher Training Courses.


Reformer Pilates consists of performing a combination of movements using a Pilates Reformer machine. The machine is specifically designed to challenge and improve strength, flexibility, balance and pain-free, natural movement.

Your muscles work to lift against gravity and the resistance of the springs or bands, with the ultimate goal of strengthening and isolating the right muscles. The ‘reformer’ is so named, because it was created to ‘reform’ the body of the participant.  

Our Reformer Pilates classes focus on alignment and accurate muscle engagement, to improve posture, balance and stability.  With the Reformer, your goal should be to take your time with the exercises, focus on the task and connect with your breath.

In addition to general fitness, the Reformer is used to prevent or rehabilitate weaknesses or injuries in the body, strengthen core muscles and spinal alignment.  Reformer Pilates is used as a complementary therapy alongside other forms of treatment, or can be used to directly treat a specific issue. 

Reformer Pilates:

  • is full body workout, with the range of movements engaging compound groups of muscles in the legs, arms, and shoulders
  • can improve athletes performance by building muscle endurance, better co-ordination and balance, through resistance training
  • improves stability and creates better posture, breathing and alignment
  • provides a deep stretch for major muscle groups, with movement all about quality, not quantity.   Your body will work hard as it slowly transitions between controlled movements, and engages and stretches your muscles as you try to maintain your balance.
  • increases your flexibility as your muscles strengthen and your posture improves



Mat Pilates is a low-impact exercise system used to address posture, flexibility, coordination, strength, breathing patterns and overall mind/body awareness. 

The use of props promotes ease and efficiency of movement through the focused, controlled exercises developed by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates moves (exercises) involve slow, precise movements and breathe control. It is a full-body exercise method, which strengthens and stabilizes your core body, your foundation, so that you can move efficiently while improving your posture, flexibility and mobility.

Zenith’s Mat Pilates classes focus on integrating the entire body. The student’s own body weight is used to create resistance, as gravity is manipulated to encourage greater flexibility and strength. 

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