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  • Zenith Hanoi is the prestigious & professional training school in Vietnam that provides international quality & certification for comprehensive & intensive training courses and workshops of Yoga, Pilates & Wellness, from fundamental to advanced ones.

Zenith’s 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course – A solid foundation for EVERY Yoga style.

  • The 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Foundation Certification Program for aspiring teachers as well as those who wish to deepen their practice. The program presents foundation in the principles of asanas, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, basic anatomy and teaching methodology. There are two 200h modules available: Weekday course & Weekend course

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20 hours: Enhance your skill, Deepen your practice.

  • Exhance Yoga/Pilates practitioners/teachers knowledge to improve their own teaching skills or integrate new additions into their self-practice. The most requested courses include 20h/50h Yoga with different props/Restorative Yoga/Vinyasa Yoga…

20h Yoga  20h Pilates

300h YTTC – Apply Yoga into therapy & advanced practice.

  • Deepening & broadening your teaching skills from intermediate to advanced practice with more advanced Asanas, Meditation, Pranayama practice, Kryas, and covering therapeutic topics including back problems in muscular, skeletal & neurological levels, piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, pelvic floor muscles.

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Pilates Mat I – Foundation for RIGHT & EFFECTIVE movements.

  • This comprehensive mat course includes 72 hours of interactive learning, practice, labs, problem-solving and role-playing. From the very first fundamentals to the more complex intermediate, students will explore exercises with a focus on execution, modifications or variations, and how they relate to anatomy

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Pilates Mat II – Enhance your teaching & therapeutic skills for Matwork.

  • This is the second level in the mat courses series. This course will enhance teaching skills and introduce the advanced mat exercises as well as additional exercises. We will explore back disc issues and osteoporosis in order to learn how to work with these special populations. We will focus on assessment, learning how to assess posture, flexibility and strength.

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Pilates Apparatus – A comprehensive training on Reformer Pilates

  • During the course we will focus intensely on teaching skills and expanding teaching vocabulary and we will learn how to spot and correct misalignments and problematic executions. While focusing on anatomy and posture we will learn to touch in order to teach… Through practice, games and problem solving, our course helps to unfold the teacher within you and will set you for the successful future of teaching.

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  • Let us join you in this journey to explore Yoga/Pilates in particular and experience a mindful life in general. We offer ALL Training Courses from the Foundation, Intensive to Advanced and Therapeutic ones for your comprehensive practice & experience


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