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In 2007, Marzena Kierepka (Zenith founder) moved to Vietnam and began work as a tour guide. As part of the activities she wanted to provide on her tours, yoga was high on her list, however, at the time, there were not many studios that met the standards she wanted to offer her clients.

Having previously studied Yoga in Thailand and India with world-class yoga masters, Marzena began thinking about creating her own studio to solve this problem and fill a gap in the market. 

So with the support and encouragement of her husband, she and two close friends took a leap of faith, setting up a small studio near the Temple of Literature. This is where Zenith was born.  Since then, Marzena’s passion has grown Zenith from a small yoga studio focusing on the Iyengar style to a high-calibre centre incorporating a variety of yoga styles, mat and reformer pilates, teacher training and a range of health and wellness services, supported by a large multicultural community.

In February 2017, Zenith opened a new facility in Lane 371 Kim Ma,  with services designed to appeal to the Vietnamese community. The Kim Ma Branch is Marzena’s special tribute to Vietnam and her way of giving back to its wonderful people.

Zentih Team
Cao Thi Van

Cao Thi Van

Business Development Manager
Mai Thi Thu Huong

Mai Thi Thu Huong

Senior Administrator
Nguyen Huyen Nhi

Nguyen Huyen Nhi

Marketing Staff
Tiet Minh Hanh

Tiet Minh Hanh

Customer Services Officer
Tran Thuy Duong

Tran Thuy Duong

Customer Services Officer
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Willie Cohen Vroege

When I moved to India with my family, everyone split away, kids went to school and my husband to work. Luckily, I met a few ladies who were practicing yoga – they asked me to come and practice with them. At the time, I thought yoga was something trendy, for the chic, but they said “come, we are drinking coffee…

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen has almost a decade of practice and teaching experience. Fluent in English and Vietnamese, she teaches Hatha Yoga, with a special focus on guiding students towards healthy body alignment through precise movements. Her training includes 200 hours basic yoga teacher training; 150 hours advanced yoga teacher training; and 150 hours therapeutic yoga teacher training, covering physical and mental…

Thuong Nguyen

“Keep going” Practicing yoga regularly for at least 5 years before taking a big step to become a yoga instructor has helped Thuong so much in her teaching. For her, the most important part of being an instructor, is being a student first. Getting regular practice means being on the mat and doing the real thing, sharing a yoga journey…

Nham Pham

“The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but it’s true value is in the light that shines through it.” B.K.S. Iyengar Nham teaches logical and intelligent hatha alignment focus and vinyasa yoga classes. Her sequences are detailed and clear to follow with a variety of props to help students achieve the precise body alignment and awareness. Her…

Marzena Lucyna Kierepka

  Marzena Lucyna Kierepka, Yoga/Pilates Teacher & Master Teacher Trainer and Founder of Zenith I began practicing yoga in 1999. The classes were on a Sunday in a local gym. I confess back then I didn’t even know what yoga was. It was not long after that I began to look forward to Sundays with anticipation, excited to go to…

Linh Linh

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” ― B.K.S. Iyengar I have been practicing yoga since 2012, when I was a college student. The intense study made me always feel in a state of fatigue and depression. Fortunately I found yoga thanks…

Jacquiline Anne Rowe

“Not all who wonder are lost.” Jacqui is from Johannesburg, South Africa, and has been active and involved in sports since she learned to run. She was a national gymnast for 8 years and graduated with distinctions from the University of Cape Town with a BSc Honours in Physiotherapy.  Other distinctions included being on the Dean’s List and being invited…

Giang Pham

In 2014, I started going to yoga classes with the desire to recover my body and over come stress and depression after having a second baby. Miraculously, I saw both my physical and mental state change significantly in only a short time. Since then, yoga has always accompanied me as a close-friend. With yoga, I constantly discover and improve myself.…

Dinh Thi Hong Ha

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” Joseph Pilates I started Yoga after my third baby was born. Back then, my lower back was hurting and my body was so weak. I took yoga classes as a physical exercise with the hope to strengthen my back. It worked! The post pregnancy back pain was also getting less and less. Further…

Claire Holbein

I arrived in Hanoi in September 1998 as a single woman and I now have three wonderful children. It is for them I became an Elementary World Language teacher: to be able to understand and encourage them in their bilingualism. And it is also because of them I first got interested in yoga, with a 2 day workshop on yoga…

Caite Ryba

“To balance is to heal. To harmonize is to regulate. The needle and herb can harmonize and heal any sickness.” – Huang Di Nei Jing Caite Ryba is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner from the US. She has had a lifelong passion to help others. After several years of learning and practicing Daoist meditation, she attended the Texas College…

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