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Zenith Hanoi

PIONEERING a healthy lifestyle since 2007

In 2007, Marzena Kierepka (Zenith founder) moved to Vietnam and began work as a tour guide. As part of the activities she wanted to provide on her tours, yoga was high on her list, however, at the time, there were not many studios that met the standards she wanted to offer her clients.

Having previously studied Yoga in Thailand and India with world-class yoga masters, Marzena began thinking about creating her own studio to solve this problem and fill a gap in the market.

So with the support and encouragement of her husband, she and two close friends took a leap of faith, setting up a small studio near the Temple of Literature. This is where Zenith was born.  Since then, Marzena’s passion has grown Zenith from a small yoga studio focusing on the Iyengar style to a high-calibre centre incorporating a variety of yoga styles, mat and reformer pilates, teacher training and a range of health and wellness services, supported by a large multicultural community.

In February 2017, Zenith opened a new facility in Lane 371 Kim Ma,  with services designed to appeal to the Vietnamese community. The Kim Ma Branch is Marzena’s special tribute to Vietnam and her way of giving back to its wonderful people.


? Zenith VISION:

To create inspiring Yoga/ Pilates Teachers who will change their community with healthier & holistics ways.

Branding message: “DEEPER knowledge. HIGHER practice.”

?Zenith MISSION:

We are a community that fosters and encourages a healthier, holistic way to live life by using safety practice Yoga/ Pilates, natural therapy methods and preparing for whole Teacher Training Courses from Foundation to Therapy as well as supporting you to set up your own peaceful space.

Branding message: “We don’t practice trends. We practice TRUE.”

Zenith directions:

Creating a community that fosters and encourages a healthier, holistic way to live life, through:
● Providing the most authentic, safest, grounded Yoga and Pilates classes in Hanoi
● Educating people and spreading awareness about healthy lifestyle choices and actions
● Practicing TRUE yoga: conscious harmony and balance in all aspects of modern life.
● Creating the highest quality, international-level Yoga and Pilates Teachers in Vietnam

? Zenith VALUES: RULES (Code of Honor) – how to uphold our values

1. Intergrity
The quality of being whole & complete

1. We do not compromise on quality: maintain high standards, do not take or make shortcuts. Teach, and learn, with depth, diligence and commitment. 2. We acknowledge and value loyalty: staff, teachers and students 3. We strive to do our absolute BEST, for others and for ourselves. 4. We act and treat each other with fairness, honesty, respect and care, and conduct ourselves with calmness and decency. These are our ethics.

2. Be True

1. Teach, and practice, authentically. Learn, and act(do), with attention to alignment, safe structure, and mindful movement.

2. Be yourself – practice at YOUR level, there is no competition or judgement of abilities and levels, ever. Be confident that everyone of us is learning too, growing too, and being happy is more important than being perfect.

3. Speak your truth. Don’t ever be afraid to say what you feel. Share your thoughts, and be open to the thoughts and experiences of others around you/us too.

4. Love, listen to and learn from every person.

3. Care about health

1. Practice regularly

2. Eat healthy, and wisely: nutritional, balanced, moderation.

3. Listen to your body, but act with understanding.

4. Body AND mind. Physical body practice alone does not = true health; unmanaged stress, tension or lack of patience and calmness in actions will undo any exercise and eating. Practice mindfulness, kindness, calmness, patience and thoughtful action in daily life for REAL, HOLISTIC HEALTH.

5. First make yourself healthy and strong, so then you can help others do the same.

4. Be inclusive

1. We welcome everybody from any culture, ethnicity, or religion.

2. We connect and bring people together. Through our practice, our events and our healthy living activities

3. We support each other. Share knowledge, compassion and help to the best of our ability.

4. Love, listen to and learn from every person.

5. Pay attention to the individual, care about our differences. Inclusiveness accepts and helps everybody. Adapt and modify Teaching and guidance to individual needs and abilities.

6. Make EVERY person feel like they belong here.

5. Accountablity

1. Take 100% responsibility for your role and your commitments: teachers or business team. Avoid making excuses or laying blame – take full ownership of a(ny) duty to resolve it or complete it, including reporting to or requesting assistance from others to do what you need to do.

2. Always smile and welcome customers (members and visitors) when they arrive and when they leave

3. Always arrive AT LEAST 10min AHEAD OF TIME and be mentally ready, calm and present, for teaching class or therapy sessions, or operation/admin team hours.

4. Always make sure everything is ready for members’ or guests’ needs, from cleaning and readying the studios for practice, keeping props organised and ready, maintaining clean and tidiness of ALL spaces, and having full knowledge of events and business info (courses, events dates, prices, timetables, teaching styles, etc…)

5. Always respond to customer (member or guest) queries WITHIN 24 hours – if your role requires customer service, always check your Zalo/fb/email and don’t keep customers waiting or wondering.

6. Everyone (teachers, therapists, operations/admin team) is connected to Sales and Service. Never ignore or avoid unattended customers(members and guests) just because you don’t know what they need – Greet them kindly, engage and help us much as you can, tell them what you do know about Zenith and then direct them to the appropriate person to answer their needs, AND/OR ALWAYS take down their name, phone number and email if they want Zenith to contact them for further information.

7. When creating or requesting tasks from others, fully and clearly explain the task and what needs to be done, as well as the deadline for it. Always ask if the task request is understood, or if the person does not understand it clearly and needs further instruction or support, so that both the requestor and the do-er avoid confusions and misunderstandings. If you receive a task, you must confirm that you have received it and understand what is needed, or ask for clarification if you are not sure.

8. ACCOUNTABILITY: Own your role, own your growth, own your practice.

9. Never leave our team alone

10. Put Zenith’s benefit as the priority on everything we do.




Zenith Team

Who we are

Marzena Lucyna Kierepka

  Marzena Lucyna Kierepka, Yoga/Pilates Teacher & Master Teacher Trainer and Founder of Zenith I began practicing yoga in 1999. The classes were on a Sunday in a local gym. I confess back then I didn’t even know what yoga was. It was not long after that I began to look forward to Sundays with anticipation, excited to go to…

Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen has almost a decade of practice and teaching experience. Fluent in English and Vietnamese, she teaches Hatha Yoga, with a special focus on guiding students towards healthy body alignment through precise movements. Her training includes 200 hours basic yoga teacher training; 150 hours advanced yoga teacher training; and 150 hours therapeutic yoga teacher training, covering physical and mental…

Thuong Nguyen

“Keep going” Practicing yoga regularly for at least 5 years before taking a big step to become a yoga instructor has helped Thuong so much in her teaching. For her, the most important part of being an instructor, is being a student first. Getting regular practice means being on the mat and doing the real thing, sharing a yoga journey…

Dinh Thi Hong Ha

“Change happens through movement and movement heals” Joseph Pilates I started Yoga after my third baby was born. Back then, my lower back was hurting and my body was so weak. I took yoga classes as a physical exercise with the hope to strengthen my back. It worked! The post pregnancy back pain was also getting less and less. Further…

Nham Pham

“The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but it’s true value is in the light that shines through it.” B.K.S. Iyengar Nham teaches logical and intelligent hatha alignment focus and vinyasa yoga classes. Her sequences are detailed and clear to follow with a variety of props to help students achieve the precise body alignment and awareness. Her…

Claire Holbein

I arrived in Hanoi in September 1998 as a single woman and I now have three wonderful children. It is for them I became an Elementary World Language teacher: to be able to understand and encourage them in their bilingualism. And it is also because of them I first got interested in yoga, with a 2 day workshop on yoga…

Thu Ngan

My passion for movement started with Yoga for over 6 years. After advancing my practice by participating in several workshops hosted by internationally recognized Yoga instructors, I accidentally got to know about Yogalates (the blend of Yoga and Pilates) in Hanoi. As quite a long-time Yoga practitioner, my yearning for correct alignment and more control in my Yoga practice got…

Ngoc Thu

Ngoc Thu has more than 5 years of experience in practicing and teaching Yoga. She has successfully completed training programs including 200h Foundation Yoga Teacher Training; 100h Advanced and TherapyYoga Teacher Training; and 50h Teacher Prenatal & Postnatal at Zenith Hanoi Ms. Thu came to Yoga in 2014. At that time, she was an office worker. Because of accountant, she…

Nguyen Bich Ngoc

“Yoga is a light that, once raised, never goes out. The better you do, the brighter the flame will be.” To say about the predestined relationship with yoga – this is a diameter of maintenance, perseverance that Ngoc always cherishes and is proud of. From a weak, petty, lack of confidence, disconnected from her body after about 2 years of…

Hoang Thu Trang

Trang is a teacher full of energy, cheerful and pure. She likes connecting, sharing, listening and understanding. You will experience her energetic classes as well as restorative body training classes. As a person who loves to learn about herself, she always trains, studies, listens to understand more deeply and connect more with her body. She completed the 200-hour basic yoga…


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